James Fiorentino is considered one of the most accomplished watercolor artists in the world today. At the age of 15 James became youngest artist ever to have a painting hang in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. His works have been displayed in numerous museums around the world. James has created sports trading card sets for Topps, Upper Deck and Kellogs.
James has created the Fiorentino Elite collection to recognize the greatest athletes in the world through a series of 22" x 30" original watercolor paintings. Each painting is signed by both James and the athlete.
Committed to never producing the same image of an athlete more than once in the Elite collection, James' goal is to create exclusivity so that his collectors will know that they have purchased a truly one of a kind painting. Each painting will be marked as a 1 of 1 which only adds to the uniqueness of this collection.
"It has been an honor for me to paint these tremendous athletes and have them personally sign my artwork. I hope my collectors enjoy these Elite paintings as much as I did painting them. These are one of a kind sports masterpieces that capture the spirit of some of the greatest athletes and champions of all time.”
~ James Fiorentino, Artist

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